Fall Morning Oats

A perfect seasonal hit in the morning, that has pretty clean healthy ingredients. Take the base recipe (below) and add your own fruits & mix ins… easy to getcha’ through the week, with a different flavor everyday!

-1 cup of (cooked) Oatmeal

-Handful (approx. ¼ cup) of Dried Cranberries

-Pinch of cinnamon 

-Pinch of Nutmeg

-Splash of Soymilk 

-Pumpkin Spice Seasoning to taste

Put Cranberries with the dried oatmeal so they cook together; Helps flavor and texture.

The added Soymilk is AMAZING when it’s got a layer of foam on top.

Other good mix-ins include nuts, blackberries, apples, and oranges.

Bonus hipster points if you eat it out of a mason jar.

|| Rooftop Parties and Stadium Views #SDFF #AndazHotel #OpeningNight

I’m staring at my little sisters puzzle and it says ‘ages 3+, careful small pieces, SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED’ and seeing that it’s a puzzle I’m not sure if that’s a brilliant thing to print or the stupidest.

is this even a question? - YES I WANT TO GO

In bed and hungry.

First person to bring me breakfast in bed receives a year of cuddle buddy rights.

Because he’s so much more then a talented actor. Inspiration, for sure. 

The Family Crest // Love Don’t Go


Dancing with a Festive Mister Mouse is Very Spooky Splendid.


When your mom asks if your room is clean

|| Keepin it Classy #Sorta #ItsMyThinkingFace (at The Castaway Restaurant Burbank)

Primiere Feels & Selfie Lighting

9 hours and 13 minutes until the film is gonna be seen by someone other then me, mister producer, and mister editor.


I’m the type of girl that’s like
“Sky Diving?! Let’s do it!”
“Attractive Guy?! No biggie!”
“Calc Test?! Bring it.”

Up until now.

Because I’m terrified.

There’s gonna be a full house of friends, family, industry professionals, and strangers all there. Watching movies. Laughing & crying accordingly. And then boom. My movies gonna start. I’ll be paralyzed of course. And there is gonna be a room, of a couple hundred people watching and judging me and my work.


I have a 20 second snapchat story explain this, why I can’t sleep.

And let me just say, that took effort.

2 lamps, and a flash.

Plus finding an angle with balanced lighting.

And don’t forget my selfie video at the theater tonight that turned out entirely pitched black.

Maybe I can’t take a good selfie but at least I can do good films.


Well I guess we’ll find out in 9 hours and 5 minutes.


I suppose there’s only 1 option.

I will wear my pretty dress, and snazzy sweater and fabulous boots. And I will have my giant coffee. And I’ll be around cast, crew, family, and friends that I know and love. And I will rock that carpet. And be totally confident. And I will take a a good selfie. And I will just make it be a good day.


*=partially sarcastic and partially genuine

**=entirely sarcastic

|| I love when people say “what do you do? Because I just say “I shoot.” Film? Guns? Nah, Just Both.
#YeahIShoot #BangBang #Glock

|| Evening Garb #LetsGo #Screenings #Round1 (at AMC Burbank Town Center 6)

|| I’d like to call this ‘The Leslie’ ~ Cruella Disneybound for Opening Night #DisneyBound #OpeningNight #Cruella